When you Partner with PCG Capital we invest in the people not just the company.

We pride ourselves on our straightforward approach and extensive network of value-added solutions accessible to our partners to help them grow.

A Long-Term Partner from the Start

Our investment approach is based on strong relationships. We are constantly researching markets that we believe have the greatest opportunity for growth, and uncovering the companies within these spaces that have the best potential to impact the market. We build relationships with the management teams at these companies over time, creating a mutual interest in each other’s business. When a funding need arises, we know your business and you know ours, allowing us to align incentives rather than simply deliver a term sheet.

Access to Potential Customers

At every stage of growth, our portfolio companies benefit from the relationship between PCG Capital and its Strategic Partners. Our dedicated business development team is integral to opening doors for our portfolio companies and will help make introductions to the right individuals within our Strategic Partners.

Support to Grow Your Business

PCG Capital’s investment professionals actively participate at the board level, establishing strong working relationships with each portfolio company while leaving day-to-day operations to your management team. We work diligently to deliver strategic business and operational support, and provide corporate development leadership.

Cool Springs

Our History

PCG Capital was originally founded in 2006 as Penn Cove Group in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Initially focused on land acquisition and development, Penn Cove Group saw dynamic diversification in late 2013 by investing in areas where our knowledge and our network of solutions provide value.

Holdings quickly expanded beyond real estate into sports and recreation, technology, and payment transaction processing. Continually growing and diversifying, PCG Capital has earned a reputation as a forward-thinking company that delivers above market returns for its investors. By leveraging our experience as serial entrepreneurs, we are able to identify investment and development opportunities across a variety of industries and act quickly and effectively. We help other entrepreneurs find long-term value and scalable solutions.

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